EDGEMARC Session Border Controller

EDGEMARC Session Border Controller

EdgeMarc Session Border Controllers deliver high quality VoIP calls by utilizing real time VoIP packet prioritization, traffic shaping, bandwidth engineering, voice aware stateful firewall inspection and 24x7x365 quality monitoring with MOS scoring. 

EdgeMarc devices installed at the network edge connect with each other through VPN tunnels in a full mesh configuration, prioritize real time VoIP calls over lower priority data traffic such as email and web browsing, passively monitor the call quality of each call to ensure that network congestion will not network congestion will not result in poor quality voice calls.  

EdgeMarc all-in-one appliances are an access router, NAT server, VoIP aware firewall, VoIP proxy, traffic shaper, DHCP server with interfaces for Ethernet WAN, T1(s), FXO and FXS.

In local survivability mode, if a call processing server is declared unreachable, the EdgeMarc enters failover mode and performs call processing for local SIP user agents. It automatically creates a local dialing plan by monitoring the registration requests sent by LAN based SIP user agents as they register with the hosted PBX.