Abacus SIP Trunks


    Abacus SIP Trunks offer the best in business grade VoIP technology combining sophisticated SIP programming with the nation’s largest Tier 1 Internet coverage area. Abacus SIP Trunks are E-911 compliant and offer businesses the ability to keep their existing phone numbers. Abacus is a nationwide communications provider of carrier class VoIP services including metered, unlimited and enhanced SIP Trunk connectivity. Services are delivered over a highly scalable, resilient and geographically redundant network with 24x7 network monitoring, management and security. 

    Sizing SIP Trunks

    As a general rule, most businesses need to reserve phone lines for 1/3 of their employees. A company with 99 employees would need capacity for 33 concurrent calls or 33 virtual call paths. A T1 PRI is delivered in sets of 23 channels. A company making 33 simultaneous calls would need to buy 2 T1 PRIs (46 channels) resulting in an over-provisioning of 13 lines. Often businesses have excess capacity on their data networks. This bandwidth can be used to run some or all of your voice traffic with SIP trunks and dynamic allocation of bandwidth between voice and data. Companies with multiple locations will receive one bill combining minutes and call paths across all sites.

    Benefits of SIP Trunks

    • Purchase SIP trunks one at a time as needed
    • Share call paths and minutes across all sites
    • Online web activation provisions trunks in minutes
    • Reduce costs by converging voice, data and internet
    • Dynamic bandwidth allocation prioritizes real time VoIP
    • Leverage the investment in your existing data network
    • International minutes at highly competitive rates
    • Obtain local phone numbers in any rate center