Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a widely used signaling protocol used in multimedia applications (voice, video, instant messaging) to initiate, modify and terminate an interactive user session. SIP enables an industry standard that commoditizes hardware, enables cross vendor interoperability and offers smoother integration with IT systems.

SIP Trunks provide a strategic advantage because they enable advanced applications like UC, Presence, IM, Video, T.38 Fax and application sharing over the same bandwidth. You can start an interaction on one modality of communication (voice, video, chat, IM) and with the click of a single button, transition to another modality.

An Abacus SIP Trunk is one concurrent talk path bundled with E911 service, directory listing, local and long distance minutes (metered pay by the minute or unlimited usage). Abacus SIP trunks are sold one at a time based upon the total number of concurrent calls required across all sites. It’s no longer necessary to pay for dedicated, site-specific, hard-wired circuits.

SIP Trunks enable organizations to save money by consolidating voice and data, sharing capacity across multiple sites, layering SIP trunks one at a time over existing bandwidth and reducing the legacy access of physical T1 circuits.