Abacus Remote Monitoring


Abacus Remote Monitoring and Alerts

Abacus EdgeMarc session border controllers are all-in-one networking edge devices that prioritizes VoIP traffic, provides flexible connections for Ethernet, T1(s), FXO and FXS termination, resolves NAT traversal problems, ensures high quality voice using QoS, monitors voice quality, sends proactive alerts when problems arise and provides comprehensive security for the LAN using a media aware firewall.

Abacus EdgeMarc session border controllers are installed at the network edge and connect with each other through VPN tunnels in a full mesh configuration. Abacus EdgeMarc QoS is managed 24x7x365. The QoS metrics provided by the Abacus EdgeMarc are designed to ensure high priority real time voice traffic is processed before lower priority data traffic. Bandwidth not in use by voice traffic is made available so that data traffic can burst up to full line rate making efficient use of WAN bandwidth.