Abacus Ethernet Services

Dedicated Ethernet Service

Companies with high bandwidth needs are turning to Ethernet broadband to deliver connectivity among their sites and to off premise locations. Dedicated point to point services range from 10 Megabits up to Multiple Gigibits. Some carriers offer native connections while others use a non-Ethernet transport and convert that to Ethernet at your site. An important factor is whether your service is shared or private. Are you getting all the bandwidth all the time?

Virtual Ethernet Service

Some carriers offer Ethernet MPLS service or Layer 2 virtual connections within the network cloud. Many companies have migrated from Frame Relay to MPLS to take advantage of the ability to prioritize different types of data traffic like real time voice and video. Carriers are moving towards delivering MPLS service to a customer with an Ethernet handoff. This eliminates the need for edge routers at the customer location.

Ethernet Interent Service

Ethernet internet is becoming prevalent in the corporate world much like the simple Ethernet internet connection delivered to your home over DSL or cable. Ethernet internet connections foster easy scalability up to 10MB, 100MB or higher as your bandwidth needs increase. In contrast, traditional T1 connections carry a maximum 1.5 Megabits per second. The cost of Ethernet Internet services has dropped significantly making it an economical delivery method for most organizations wishing to optimize increasing bandwidth demands.