Client Solutions

  • Regional bank

    Regional bank with 25 satellite branches uses an Abacus solution for departmental allocation of costs and financial controls over their voice and data infrastructure. When migrating to an Avaya IP switch, the bank utilized the Abacus built-in IP protocol for a seamless IP billing solution at no additional cost.

  • Rehabilitation Hospital

    Large rehabilitation hospital utilizes 911 screen pops at the front desk to instantly inform hospital staff and the fire department of the room number of the patient dialing 911. The software is also used to comply with federal and state mandated requirements for documentation and record keeping.

  • State Attorney General

    State’s attorney general office uses a multi-site Abacus solution to generate network reports to establish performance benchmarks, to identify busy hours, to troubleshoot switch and trunk problems on a distributed Avaya PBX and to determine staffing requirements in an effort to improve service and response levels.

  • Stock Exchange

    Regional stock exchange needed to bill individual traders for telecom usage and fixed costs associated with private lines to major brokerage houses used to facilitate trading. Abacus provided a billing solution for their Nortel PBXs at a fraction of the cost of traditional financial trading and turret billing solutions.

  • Vocational School

    A regional vocational technical school that frequently receives bomb threats called in by students uses Abacus solution to instantly store the caller ID number when available from the NEC PBX and report the number to police.