Client Solutions

  • Global Think Tank

    Global think tank dedicated to government contract work desired a painless auditing system to track employee usage and verify phone bills before payment. Alarms were used extensively to provide instant notification of irregular Avaya dialing patterns, excessive international traffic, excessive short inbound call attempts and high call volumes during nights and weekends.

  • Gun Manufacturer

    National gun manufacturer with a Nortel Meridian PBX and Abacus software uses reports to analyze the effectiveness of magazine advertising by correlating the number of inbound calls to published 800 numbers and new sales of equipment by region.

  • Health Care Facility

    A large health care facility purchased an Abacus solution to replace a cumbersome UNIX system, to integrate Nortel Meridian console performance statistics with telecom management, and to bill back a physician office building. Abacus provided browser access to graphical reporting with real time data refresh, email reporting in excel format and unified console and network trending reports. The system paid for itself in six months.

  • Ivy League University

    An Ivy league university built an executive education center offering week long courses to diverse groups from all over the world. The Abacus billing solution was designed to provide on demand billing, editable tariffs by country code and variable charge backs.

  • Municipal Departments

    A local town wanted to consolidate all municipal departments, police, fire, elementary and high schools on one NEC NEAX 2400 PBX and voice mail system. The solution provided by Abacus let them break out the actual costs associated with each facility for accurate budgeting and bill allocation to the appropriate facility.

  • Nortel

    An IT manager and a sales manager overseeing a Nortel call center in 5 different states used the Abacus networked solution to obtain real time CDR and ACD unified reporting for traffic engineering, agent evaluation, staffing requirements, 800 usage and phone bill verification.

  • Oceanography Research Institution

    World reknown oceanography research institution has used an Abacus solution for the past 15 years to bill back scientists from 200 countries for telecommunications usage including ship to shore calls. Each scientist is billed as independent contractor funded by the sponsor country.

  • Office Building

    Executive suites office buildings with multiple locations and NEC PBXs used the flexible rating algorithms to charge tenants different rates for mobile carriers, wireline carriers, fixed monthly recurring fees and special services such as voice mail and receptionist. Abacus designed an enhanced service that gave each of the 300 tenants real time web access to bills and reports.

  • Private Boarding School

    A private boarding school faced with dwindling revenue from student resale and high fixed monthly processing fees installed a web based Abacus billing solution for their NEC PBX with a dramatic reduction in cost and increase in operational improvement.

  • Professional Services

    Numerous professional service firms in legal, accounting, advertising and consulting use an Abacus solution to bill clients using a variety of account codes, authorization codes, client-matter numbers, pin numbers and full integration with time billing platforms.