Client Solutions

  • Automobile Dealer

    A luxury automobile dealer with multiple dealerships was able to determine how long it took to return calls after an inbound caller left a voice mail message. Abacus solution also measured traffic flow and call routing among several NEC PBXs and dealerships with real time polling and reporting.

  • Boston Cultural Center

    A prestigious Boston cultural center managing 3 separate theatre venues uses an Abacus multisite solution to bill back touring production companies for voice and data services while they are in town. The production company is spared the time and expense of ordering temporary lines and has the added convenience of using their own phones and features while working away from the office.

  • Chemical Manufacturing Company

    Multinational chemical manufacturing company with shifts working around the clock was concerned in the event a chemical accident or explosion occurred during the night. The sprawling campus environment and roving security guards had too many dead zones to rely on cellular phones. Abacus software with instant alarm notification paged the guards whenever a Nortel PBX caller dialed 911 providing the exact location of the caller.

  • CLEC

    CLEC added monthly value to its customer base with web based telecom reporting, system alarms and network monitoring. The CLEC proactively contacted their customers when certain thresholds were met: high volume of international calls, high volume of short inbound calls, excessive amount of long calls, no activity over T1s, calls to predefined numbers.

  • Collections Firm

    National credit and collections firm runs a daily activity report showing total number of incoming and outgoing calls, total minutes inbound and outbound for each sales person. These reports are used in sales training to show how many calls are needed in order to be successful in that industry.

  • Consulting Firm

    Nationwide consulting firm uses an Abacus solution to conduct its own network studies for clients using the current month traffic in and out from all carriers utilized at a particular site. Previously, when a client requested a network study the consultant contacted each carrier separately, received the study on historical data only, and was limited to outbound calls.

  • Direct Marketing Company

    A fast growing direct marketing company mapped caller ID with CRM tables to see where new customers were coming from and to determine return on investment of marketing dollars. The sales manager gave each sales person a personal login to view daily phone activity, schedule call backs, evaluate their own productivity and determine total talk time with new customers, existing customers and non-customer numbers.

  • Electric Company

    A major power and electric company spread across upper New York state was concerned about security, accountability and traffic flow among 9 separate plants. They used an Abacus solution to generate traffic reports to fine tune their Nortel Meridian network configuration, determine grade of service, busy hours, staffing requirements, daily calling patterns, and to immediately identify irregular calling patterns that may indicate potential hackers were trying to get into their voice communications systems.

  • Federal Agency

    A federal agency responsible for managing 30 Lucent PBXs in 7 New England states, needed to collect CDR data from various government agencies. Abacus Group provided a turnkey centralized multisite polling system and designed a custom export program to send selective data to a mainframe residing in Washington D.C. for integration with the government’s FTS 2000 billing system.

  • Fortune 500 Conglomerate

    A Fortune 500 conglomerate divested itself into four separate entities and needed to create separate budgets and accountability for each division sharing the Lucent PBX and network resources. Abacus hosted managed service provided a comprehensive web based, paperless, financial reporting system for all telecom usage and equipment bill back for all four divisions.