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OpenScape integrates voice, video, IM, chat, fax, mobile and email in an open Unified Communications cloud computing platform. Real time desktop panels individualized for each user are the heart of the OpenScape experience. Centralized presence for voice and chat activity are visible across the enterprise from any peered device in the world. Real time collaboration with the click of a mouse invites colleagues into desktop sharing, chat, and videoconferencing. OpenScape Fusion pulls information from external websites like Google maps, Google query, Facebook or internal CRM databases.

Voice Integration in the OpenScape Unified Communications Panel

OpenScape's presence based telephony controls allow users to click to call, pickup, hold, park, drag and drop to forward, page and transfer, set do not disturb, intercom, monitor/barge/whisper with a complete view all activities taking place in real time.

Chat Integration in the OpenScape Unified Communications Panel

Chat Integration eliminates the need for a separate third party chat application. OpenScape messaging supports a private chat server using the widely adopted open XMPP protocol. The user can add a chat panel to their OpenScape desktop or use their favorite XMPP based chat client like Jabber.

Fax Integration in the OpenScape Unified Communications Panel

Fax integration lets the user send a fax from any application on their computer by “printing” to OpenScape. Inbound faxes are received in your Outlook Inbox just like email. Or inbound faxes can be transmitted to a central fax number and then routed to individual inboxes. Inbound faxes use the same DID as the phone. OpenScape automatically detects T.38 transmissions and sends the fax to the right mailbox. Fax images are stored on hard drive and disk space quotas can be set for each user or groups.

Email Integration in the OpenScape Unified Communications Panel

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) integration provides a standards based solution for message retrieval from a single box for email, voicemail and fax. E-mail notifications are optimized for display on a wide range of devices so a short text email goes to cell phones. Listening to voice mail messages from your email inbox turns off the message light on the phone.

Video Integration in the OpenScape Unified Communications Panel

Video calling enables users to deploy video phones based on industry standard codecs. Switchvox supports video phones that use the codec standards H.263 and H.264.

Visual Voice Mail Integration in the OpenScape Unified Communications Panel

Voice mail messages can be set to automatically forward to email. Visual voicemail is accessible from your desktop, over the web or over the phone. Voice mail messages can be transferred and stored in multiple folders and forwarded just like email.