Abacus Business Continuity - Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity - Disaster Recovery

In case of an emergency, time is short and communication is essential. Disaster strikes when you least expect it but business continuity planning can minimize its impact. A typical legacy PBX failover plan sends the calls to backup analog lines or diverse carriers in the event of a primary PRI T1 failure assuming access to the building remains intact. Abacus Enhanced SIP Trunks in failover mode pull the calls back to the cloud for full business continuity and communications recovery.


Enhanced SIP Trunks

Abacus Enhanced SIP Trunks are call paths or concurrent calls that are routed over an IP network connecting the customer to the cloud based servers. Abacus Enhanced SIP Trunks with PBX failover protection and virtual PBX extensions are a creative way to backup or replace legacy PBXs and traditional PRI/analog circuits. If your onsite PBX, PRI or power fails for any reason, enhanced SIP Trunks automatically handle and route your calls according to a predefined routing plan until the service outage is resolved. You have full access to self manage and change routing, extensions, voicemail boxes, groups and auto attendants.

Sizing a Failover Plan

What are the real costs of lost service or business to you? How many lines and critical staff need to be incorporated into your communications disaster recovery plan? Can you operate at 20% capacity in an emergency? Let’s assume you have a 200 person company that can run at 20% capacity in an emergency situation. You identify 40 people who will be assigned a virtual extension in the cloud. We assume that 1 in 4 are on the phone at any given time. We configure 10 talk paths (SIP trunks) in the cloud. You choose the less expensive metered pay for usage plan because you anticipate the failover plan will not be used. It’s insurance and most of us can get by with the minimum. If 10 talk paths are exceeded, the cloud service will “burst” upon demand.

Failover Routing

Inbound calls divert to any outside number you choose – another office, a cell phone, a home number and replicate your auto attendants, voice mail functions and find me follow me rules. In failover mode, you maintain a consistent look to the outside world.