Mass High Tech Innovation Network


The Innovation Access Network is a "vibrant technology exchange" designed to accelerate technology matches between technology seekers and innovators. IAN improves the innovator's ability to share new ideas with enterprise corporations and government agencies in a secure, strategic and targeted manner.  "Massachusetts and New England are home to the nation's leading technology firms, defense contractors, universities, research labs and small businesses, and IAN is the connective tissue for the region's innovative technology cluster that will help create new partnerships, business opportunities and jobs." - U.S. Senator John Kerry -


The next three years will see the biggest equipment refresh in the history of telecommunications as companies of all sizes begin the migration to IP voice networks. Abacus CLoud provides enhanced communications and collaboration tools for less cost than most organizations spend to support legacy phone systems and old style dedicated copper circuits. Abacus Cloud drives innovation, reduces the strain on IT, shifts the risk to the service provider, is device and bandwidth agnostic and puts you in charge. 

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