iPhones, iPads, Androids et al

Telecom Clouds Love iPhones, iPads, Androids

Mobile devices have turned the telecom industry on its head. Telecom Clouds let you add your office phone number to your mobile device. Simply download Counterpath’s Bria software for the iPhone, iPad or Android for a one time charge of $8.00.
Telecom Clouds let you turn your office extension into a virtual extension that rings your smart phone. Now you only need to carry one device and never miss an office call. You can configure your personal Find Me Follow Me settings based upon the days of the week and hours of the day that you wish to receive office calls. Otherwise, office calls go to voice mail in the cloud which sends you an email with the voice message attached as a .wav file for playback anytime.
Companies with old style PBXs and cabling can get the advanced features of an IP system without investing in IP phones and cable upgrades. Wouldn’t you like the option to work somewhere else some of the time rather than tethered to your desk all of the time?
iPhones, iPads, Androids et al work brilliantly with Telecom Clouds. Super fast setup, crystal clear voice, intuitive interfaces, multi-tasking, way more fun than a phone. The iPad 2’s gorgeous display features native videoconferencing and makes a great launch pad that lets you administer your cloud services with panache.
Setting up the soft phone credentials takes about one minute per device.
  • Download the Bria app from Counterpath for your smart phone
  • Enter the display name of your choice
  • Enter user name i.e. sip105_abacus
  • Enter password *********
  • Enter domain: pbx10.abacusgroup.com
  • One minute later
  • “Phone Ready”
  • Make your first call