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Cloud Computing for State Local Governments

TechAmerica has released a Comprehensive Guide for Best Practices in Cloud Computing for State and Local governments. This report encourages state and local government to join the cloud revolution. "Cloud computing is a win-win for governments, for citizens and for the economy as a whole.

VoIP Readiness in the Cloud

VoIP / Video Readiness in the Cloud

The next three years will see the biggest equipment refresh in the history of telecommunications as companies of all sizes begin the migration to IP networks. Replacing old style copper circuits and legacy phone systems with advanced IP features such as Unified Communications is a strategic move that lets you provide better service, better collaboration, better decision making and accelerates the pace of your business.

TechAmerica Discounts

Abacus Group Joins TechAmerica

Abacus Group offers a 15% "evergreen" discount to members of TechAmerica for Abacus telecom cloud services for hosted PBX/UC, SIP trunks, Video-conferencing, Audio-conferencing, Contact Centers, Presence, Instant Messaging, IP Fax, IP Voice Recording, Mobility Solutions and Database Integrations.

iPhones, iPads, Androids et al

Telecom Clouds Love iPhones, iPads, Androids

Mobile devices have turned the telecom industry on its head. Telecom Clouds let you add your office phone number to your mobile device. Simply download Counterpath’s Bria software for the iPhone, iPad or Android for a one time charge of $8.00.

Telecom Cloud Attributes

Telecom Cloud Attributes

Telecom Clouds provide enhanced communications and collaboration tools for less cost than most organizations spend to support legacy equipment and traditional old style dedicated voice circuits. Wired telecom is considered the #1 dying industry in America and is on track for a 92% decline in revenue by 2013.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Telecom Clouds Play a Critical Role in Disaster Recovery


In case of an emergency, time is short and communication is essential. Disaster strikes when you least expect it but business continuity planning can minimize its impact. A cloud based communications recovery plan designed in advance to automatically invoke if your PBX, PRI or power goes down is good business sense.

Cloud Savings - Qualitative

11 Qualitative Savings

The pace of business accelerates with advanced communications tools that facilitate business agility. A faster pace improves customer service, shortens the sales cycles, increases competitiveness and streamlines the product development time.

Cloud Savings - Quantifiable

28 Quantifiable Savings