About Us

Abacus Group, Inc. makes open source telephony simple. Our platforms tie together voice, video, fax, mobile, IM, chat, conferencing and presence on a single site single server or across multiple peered “web aware” servers to transform the way businesses communicate and collaborate.

Open source saves money every step of the way by mixing and matching interoperable components from open suppliers of operating systems, software, servers, routers, POE switches, firewalls, telephony cards, structured cable systems, SIP trunks and phones. Open source saves money on deployment, expansion, feature development, maintenance, training, upgrades and power consumption.

Simple software construction using open Web 2.0 application programming interfaces (API’s) enable CRM integration, voice mash ups, complex IVRs, skills based contact center queuing and routing and real time voice/video embedded in public websites, customer portals, kiosks and business processes.

These are hard times. Extensible rich Web 2.0 telephony integration and voice mash ups are at the center of productivity gains – nothing else can match this.

In hard times, fewer people can work smarter with unified communications, group collaboration and mobility. Open source is the platform for communications freedom, flexibility, scalability, reliability and innovation. Lower cost is the bonus.

Abacus Group serves a client base that includes a cross section of over 2,500 system installations in high tech, finance, health care, education, government, professional service firms and general business.

It all comes down to experience -- more than twenty seven years of telecommunications software integration experience. Abacus Group’s success is the result of providing high quality products and services, on time and within budget, and being responsive to our customer’s needs for prompt service and innovative solutions to complex communication problems. Abacus Group has extensive experience in providing software solutions to large, complex and converged voice, data and video networks in both the private and government sectors.

In an industry known for rapid technological change, strong competition and ongoing requirements for the convergence of telecom and data technology, Abacus Group, Inc. has emerged as an industry leader. Abacus Group, Inc. has a proven track record, a long-term commitment to the industry, and most importantly, a high level of client satisfaction.